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    roman to emross


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    roman to emross

    Post by Coys!! on Tue Feb 09, 2016 1:05 pm

    first and foremost, the main difference is the names of builds and troops
    but if you know the basics of one then they are the same so build up
    exactly as you would in emross / roman
    to build subs
    now this is slightly different as on roman you use architecti and they are pretty
    fucking useless for all other aspects of the game really bar a little boost for hp and
    crit chance in a castle.
    in emross, you will find lonufal.
    now these also are builders but they are the emross version of clibs, so they are your
    main def troop and they open early unlike last troops that clibs are.
    basic farmers are the same, bezerkers
    overlords are the better farmers like cavaliers on roman
    a good low troop on emross to use for bombs is masters, nothing really like them on
    roman apart from longbows can occasionally hit above there weight so to say.
    in roman we use clibs for def and onagers for attack.
    in emross we lonufals for def and kahkleh for attack
    so with both, to farm 7-10* its advisable to use these 2 troops
    another difference is in emross you no longer need to use a bank. your gold (re silver)
    can now be bricked, look under resources. this way is it also easier to move your gold
    to subs unlike the trade bullshit we need to use on roman.
    assassins have been explained in another topic in here .
    so apart from the above and rare names which have been listed also, the games have the same basic styles. this can also apply to tap which is pretty much emross with a chinese style and names.
    I forgot to say, getting started is easier on emross as you get daily spins which give you items for you trade to start Smile
    troops are a hell of a lot more expensive on emross but the scenes are easier. plus you have an easy and hard style of scenes ( stats needed also listed in forum)
    each scene u first do on hard gives you an ace frag,
    so 1-11 = 66 ace frags , remember its 40 for a hero .
    hopefully this will help for anyone going from 1 game to the other.

    all the best

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