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    rares and fusion



    rares and fusion

    Post by Guest on Sat Feb 06, 2016 12:24 pm

    Fusion is fusing 3 rares to create 1 higher rare. If done use 3 of the same item to avoid disappointment.

    They go as follows....
    Barbarian +20
    Assassin +21
    Paladin +22
    Bloodmage +23
    Amazon +24
    Shogun +25
    Guardian +26
    Templar +27
    Phoenix +28 (enhances +2)
    Unicorn +32 (enhances +2)
    Vampire +34 (enhances +2)
    Lammasu +36 (enhances +2)
    as far as I am aware you cannot fuse any higher.
    Frag weapons are. Stats are estimates on these as I cant remember the base stats of theses ones.
    Sphinx +40
    Chimera +42
    Titan +42

    Diamond Protector +2000 troop def
    crystal protector +2100
    Mirror protector + 2200
    Wind protector +2400
    Ice protector +2600
    Fire protector +2800
    Earth protector +3000

    Frag armor
    Guardian angel +3200

    Fortress Speed + 8% defense +3
    Conqueror +8% attack +3
    Mammoth +8% defense +9
    War rhino +8% attack +9
    Armor Bear +10% attack +6 defense +6
    Fireball +14% attack +10
    Frost +16% attack +12
    frag mounts
    longhorn .... I don't know these base stats

    I don't have base stats of these. All of mine are too enhanced to check.

    ring of guardian
    ring of Templar
    ring of lord
    ring of king
    ring of phoenix
    ring of unicorn
    ring of vampire
    ring of lammasu
    frag rings
    ring of sphinx
    ring of chimera
    ring of titan

    As far as im aware that's all of them Smile


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    Re: rares and fusion

    Post by Coys!! on Tue Feb 09, 2016 12:53 pm

    go on your sauce ,
    go to a rare and hit item info
    it will give you all base stats and its the top 3
    in each category that cannot be fused bud

    all the best


    Re: rares and fusion

    Post by Guest on Tue Feb 09, 2016 5:43 pm

    meh serves its main purpose listing their order lol Razz

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    Re: rares and fusion

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