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    Aces guide



    Aces guide

    Post by Guest on Sat Feb 06, 2016 12:06 pm

    everybody will get a Tanikeme attack ace and a wisdom ace specific to your game race.
    Human: Dhumak
    Elf: Kanilan
    Orc: Lejang

    Frags aces.
    collect 40 ace frags via scenes, visits or buying in the shop for 200EP for these heros.
    Keith The Might (attack)
    Ground Zero (attack)
    Mini Minnie (wisdom)
    Julian The Trouble (wisdom)
    Emil The Lost (wisdom)
    Big Ben (wisdom)

    Miraculous Heros
    collect 30 NHP (new hero permissions) must be purchased in the shop for 250EP
    Sir Bors (An absolute beast for defence)
    Valkyrie (TC bonus for wins in arena. attack ace)

    collect 50 joker frags for a joker. Use quest to swap 3 Ace frags for 1 joker frag.
    Forbidden Joe (Ive never had a joker myself so cannot comment on its quality yet)

    PVP or Token aces.
    To get these heros you will need hero tokens from the EP store. 200EP each
    there are 3 sets 6 12 and 18 tokens.
    6 tokens
    Hound (cannot be killed or lose loyalty)
    Windwalker (marching speed plus 10%)
    Healer (all units HP +2%)
    12 tokens
    Trainer (soldier training speed +15%)
    Slayer (All units crit +5%)
    Katana (Weaken enemy attack by 6%)
    Raider (+10% lot bonus on devil armies)
    Punisher (all units attack +5%)
    18 tokens
    Gatekeeper (all units defence +5%)
    Angel (resurrect 5% of dead soldiers)
    Blademaster (weaken enemy defense by 5%)
    Scholar (research speed +20%)

    Please add if I've missed any Exclamation

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